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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Does America Need The UOA?

We need new leadership to guide our freedoms into the future and a powerful voice to champion this cause. We must advocate for government reformation, opposing the current tyrannical leaders and their antiquated systems that impede the progress of our collective freedom. Interest groups and lobbyists are promoting their agendas at the top, a situation that must be confronted with truth and integrity. The UOA will confront dark money and expose shadow government movements that fabricate crises through our government to cripple our economy. A new movement must emerge to regulate the divisive actions of the two major political parties, thus uniting the country as the Union is restored under God

How Can I Help?

Presently, our government enlists Ivy League graduates to occupy our most prominent positions of authority. However, the true drivers of progress are not those solely influenced by educators, but rather civil leaders who possess a deep passion for their national and spiritual heritage, guided by their faith in God. Our goal is to cultivate leaders who will safeguard our nation with genuine intentions for the betterment of our people. A diverse and united community of believers, spanning different races and languages, is emerging to address issues that directly impact our children. It is crucial that we pave the way for these devoted patriots to assume leadership roles. To understand and embrace our core principles of God, Country, and the restoration of America, we encourage you to follow our articles, social media, and video content. By becoming a local leader, you can represent the UOA and join us in making a positive impact on the world.

How Can I Donate?

We welcome all forms of support. Please e-mail us at

What is the Goal of The UOA?

The UOA must unite as a body of leaders that embraces our non-tyrannical ideology, promoting freedom across international borders. Like a Justice League, we must work tirelessly to prevent weapons of war from devastating nations and people groups. As defenders of life and liberty, a coalition of guardians must emerge to protect both the born and the unborn, securing our God-ordained rights and liberties for all

Which days do you upload new videos?

To be announced...

Are you open for creator collaborations?

If you hold an office in the fivefold ministry or a governmental public office and are interested in sharing your calling and work with our audience, please contact us via email, and we will review your request for collaboration.