August 28, 2023

God Showed Me His Heart: Follow The Spirit, Not Intellect

On Saturday, the night of the 26th, as I was praying under an open heaven, I sat down to listen to what the Spirit of God wanted to say to me. To my surprise, in the Spirit, I saw an image of all the GOP candidates lined up on the debate stage. At that moment, Holy Spirit began to share God's heart with me, declaring, “They want my Capital, but not me. None of them mentioned my Son.” I did not watch this debate, even as I write this now I still have not watched it. I have known God long enough to take His word on matters near and dear to His heart, like the glorification of Jesus. He is very vocal about His Son to me and always makes it a point that I share the glory of the Father with the Son as the Spirit leads. After receiving His words, I felt a deep compassion for Jesus fill me up, and a sorrow over men who have denied glory to Jesus in these days as they seek their own glory. As I sat under the stars, I began to cry great tears of repentance on behalf of the presidential hopefuls. I know they don't realize how much this disappointed God. They don't realize that God is requiring the next President of the United States of America to lead this nation in God's will and in His ways, so that the greatest deliverance in centuries may occur. God is watching this nation closely, and He is not pleased with anyone that would attempt to seduce His people away from Him with smooth words and puffed up speech; It is not the time for that. America is in the balance and only God can save her now. Do the people realize what time it is, or are they still asleep?

Those Who Deny God's Spirit Have Become His Enemies

Then, last night on the 28th, as I was dreaming I did not see anything, but only heard a voice alert me saying, “Enemy of my Spirit, enemy of my Spirit, enemy of my Spirit!” I woke up not fully understanding what this meant, but it was repeated 3 times, as if God's finger was pointing out a robber attempting to break into His house. This was revealed as an alarm of spiritual danger for the Ekklesia regarding those that would resist His Spirit. Then, at 3 p.m. the same day, Holy Spirit powerfully visited me at my house and asked me to pray, so I did. He then urged me to prophesy, so I prayed in the Spirit and recorded its interpretation as a powerful prophetic word that was 7 minutes and 45 seconds long. Allow me to share the transcription of the word with you:

“There is an enemy,” says the Lord. “An enemy has approached my throne. An enemy has approached that place where I rule and I reign. And have I not cast him down?” Says the Living God. “There is an enemy in the town of rebellion, in the city of greed. There is an enemy in Babylon, an enemy that I will identify to my apostles and prophets, an enemy that I shall declare shall fall in this generation. An enemy that I have declared will never succeed in its endeavor to overthrow my rule, and it is an enemy that is working even within the church, in this hour. And I am calling my apostles and my prophets to separate themselves from the deceit that pours out of the mouth of this dragon. I am calling my church to stand strong in this hour by the power of my Holy Spirit. And I will equip them, I will cause them to stand in the fire that surrounds them, but it shall not touch them. It shall not come near their dwelling,” says the Lord. “I will cover my people with a supernatural covering in this hour of fire, in this trial that they have entered into. For I will declare that the ENEMY OF MY SPIRIT, is the enemy that I shall drench, and I shall consume with my word, and it shall not rise above the heads of my apostles. But my apostles shall be taken up to my throne room, where they will be strengthened night and day while I devour the enemies of my church, in the hour of my visitation. But now I declare to you all, to stand firm in my Spirit, because anyone who is not in my Spirit in this hour, shall be swept away by the flood of this dragon. But I said that I would give wings as eagles to my Bride, that she shall be strengthened, and will I not bring that word to pass? Shall I not nourish my church in this hour?” says the Lord. “But there are some among you, who have still denied my Spirit access to their hearts, and to the flock of the Living God, and you have stood as a gatekeeper of satan. And you have yourself become an enemy of my Spirit in this hour, for you have hardened your hearts, and you have turned your neck away from my word, and you have closed up your ears. And you have said, ‘We will not listen to the prophets in this hour.’ For you will go the same way as your former fathers into judgment, along with those who resist me. But I am looking for a people in this hour," says the Living God, "That will flow with the Word of my Spirit. For my Spirit speaks expressively against those who try and attempt to overthrow the Son of the Living God. And which one will you be this hour, will you be those who will stand with my Son, or will you be those who stand against Him? For I am doing a thing in the earth in this hour that shall be seen all across the world. I will judge the quick and the dead, and I will resurrect those who have called upon me, and have put their trust and their faith in the Living God. For I am the one who rewards the faith of my children, and I will claim the land, and I will claim the possessions of the enemy to give them as a reward to those who diligently seek me. For watch as I move through America, my Spirit will turn over tables the same way that I did in the Temple, the day that my Son whipped those money changers with a cord that He created and fashioned with His own hands. So again, my Son will go through these places of market trade, and those places of order that they call their reserves and their banks, and He will overturn them. He will cause their dollar to split, He will cause things to happen in this nation that will leave them bare and naked without necessity. But in the Spiritual realm, it is my angels who do these things. And you will not see, nor will you hear this happen, but in the night hour when you awake you will see, that those who have planned and plotted against my people destruction, shall not succeed, and I will make a way of escape. I have said, ‘For my people this shall come to pass.’ And you are to listen to the voice of the Living God, that will lead you out of the wilderness. I will lead you out of the desert places, to places that have been prepared for the Bride of Christ, that they may not suffer a loss. But if you do not hear the word of my Spirit, you will become an enemy, and you will not partake in the work of God that I do in the United States of America in this hour. For I am reforming, and I am rebuilding my church as an Ekklesia that shall govern this nation. You shall stand against the voice of the enemy that cries out, ‘Death to America, death to Israel.’ And I will stand with you in this hour, and I will proceed with my apostles and prophets to conquer the enemy at hand. I will not leave my people who pray to me night and day for salvation, without redemption,” declares the Lord.

God Bless The United States of America