August 2, 2023

Not By Might, Not By Strength: Relying On God To Lead Us

American patriots will not submit to the tyrannical leadership in this nation. We refuse to submit when in every state families are being destroyed, and innocent lives are being aborted. Similarly to Pharaoh, some enemies can only be dismantled by the mighty right hand of God. For instance, during the Israelites' exile in Egypt, Pharaoh was an evil tyrant that controlled the population of every Jewish man, woman, and child. He led them into slavery and ordered every male child to be slaughtered. If God had not intervened, Pharaoh would have crushed the Israelites into the Red Sea, but God arose a prophetic camp that knew their God and did all that He commanded. Our current administrations are no better than Pharaoh with his chariots and horses of battle. Today, the governmental leaders we have in America strike at the people of God with unfair laws and bias rulings that proceed from political judges that are appointed. We currently have leaders that advocate for the chemical castration of children, and openly advocate infanticide. I hear the call of God commanding the remnant in America to come out of her, to walk in His ways, and to keep His charge, to judge His house, and to keep His courts, in order to reform our nation. Not by might, not by strength, but by His spirit. A remnant that abides in His will, and meditates on His words. A people that seek shelter under the shadow of the Most High, that is led by a pillar of fire by night and a cloud by day, must follow their God out of absolute tyranny once again. The American Revolutionary War taught us that God does hear the appeals of His people, and will deliver us from our adversary. We are at that moment once again, a defining moment, where our destiny is ever before us. Those who are not loyal to God and are not strong enough to preserve this nation will not stand with us in this fight. Still, we must embrace these difficulties and ensure one another that we shall be saved. The battle is the Lord’s and God will not fail us, but obedience is required, and only those who lay it all down will see the greater glory that God has planned for our people.  

Launching God’s Countermeasure: Walking Through America’s Red Sea

Today our politicians, especially the Republican Party, have acted as the very thing that has withheld the American people from escaping their enemies in pursuit of them. The political mind is the antithesis of the prophetic mantle, the two cannot coexist. One will bring chaos to the other, or the other will completely take over. Recently, the prophets prophesied that a political red wave would sweep across the nation in the midterm elections. I don’t know what God they were listening to, because we saw nothing more than a small wake, from the wind blowing over a puddle. Why are the prophets in America becoming political surmisers? This is because the prophetic camp in America, has been listening to the political debate and has adhered to the voices of pressure placed upon the population that demand we bow down to their political agendas. So spiritually minded people have responded with spiritual words in order to attempt to overcome the work of America’s Jannes and Jambres. The issue is that God did not come to them in a burning bush, and He did not send them to speak on behalf of His people. False prophets repent. You see, there is a difference between a sent one and one who assumes a position or title over a nation. The sent one has authority, the other does not. Did God speak to these prophets who prophesy politically over the American government? If they were sent, they could have at least correctly prophesied who would win the contest between the serpents of Jannes and Jambres. (Midterms) These prophets cannot, and would never, have the faith to stand before a sea of opposition like the Republican Party. No!!! They are too blinded and drunk off the influence and reputation provided to them while they schmooze with the very ones that are pinning the people of God between their exodus and their enemy. The Republican Party will not willingly open up and divide, so the people of God can walk across dry land. The Republican Party are rebels without a cause except for greed and status symbolism. God sent Donald Trump to take command of that party because they needed a hook in their nose, so they could be brought into submission. God is not reviving the Republican Party or revamping their rankings. He is reviving His Ekklesia who appeals to God for salvation and patiently wait for their deliverance. He is visiting unheard leaders in the night, in the quiet places, in the cave, at the mountain top, and in the valley preparing their fingers for battle like David. This is the work of the Lord in this hour. The Republicans are a pack of two – faced wicked snakes, making back door deals with the enemy, saying, “You give us critical race theory, we’ll give you transgenderism. Let us play the race card, we’ll open up the borders.” “Rhinos, against jack asses, whom the cup of both is full of iniquity, and the blood of the unborn has stained their hands equally,” says the Lord. Fools who cannot bear to see the moment that a woman gives birth, so they faint and cry out to Baal, “Take it from me.” The republicans have sold the birthright of every American citizen to the highest bidder, because they themselves cannot stomach the idea of fathering a generation in the way of the Lord. There is retribution to pay for their dull leadership. A countermeasure of the Lord has been ordered. A dividing of the Red Sea, but not now, later, when it’s time for God’s people to cross over. “How will this happen?” Says the Lord. “When I send my prophet to speak against pharaoh, let my people go. I will cause the iniquity of the unrighteous to be their guilt and shame exposed before the world, but behold a remnant will arise clean and pure and ready for battle. And I the Lord shall speak a word in due season, against those that have allowed my children to be offered up at the altars of Baal. I will move against them swiftly with my prophetic word, to take out their offices of influence one by one. I will make that great sea before my people create a partition, and I will create a new era of leaders that the world has never seen or heard the likes of. My moving ones, my sent ones, will take the lead. Watch, therefore, when you hear the screams and the cries in the camps and in the tents of my adversaries, saying, ‘Moths have eaten our clothes. We have not stored up our treasures in places of fortification, our dollar has split. Our nation shall fall.’ Then look to the White House, and watch my hand move against both parties as they scramble for solutions. I will not fail my people to supply a way out, for there will be a transfer of wealth in this nation, I declare to you,” says the living God. “And I will make a passage for my people to escape their enemies. And I will give them a habitation in this nation where they will safely raise their children without threats, and the testimony of my salvation will be heard around the world. This shall come to pass,” says the Lord.

Operation Deliverance: Resetting The Foundations & Building With God

Labor is the strangest thing, is it not? You work to plant a vineyard and you produce no crop. You fight hard to get a job, and you become runner-up. Furthermore, you work all week to produce a paycheck, and it’s like chaff in the wind, gone in a moment. Americans perpetually hurl themselves towards the end of the week, 52 later, pay your uncle or be subdued by the constraints of the IRS. Families in this country systematically hire day labor in order to build up their house, and time and time again, it's like they are left with half a home to live in. A great weight has been placed on the family to function at unattainable levels that leave them feeling drained by an unquenchable fire that consumes them, by shackles that enslave them. “Wake up America. You are enslaved. 'How are we enslaved? Who are our slave masters? We are a free country. We have our father Abraham who set us free.' Do you not know that the bank owns the house that you built? Do you not know that I have commanded you to be the lender and not the borrower?” Says the Lord. “That I have given you an inheritance in this nation. ‘Where is my inheritance?’ you say. You’ve inherited the enemy of your forefather Abraham, and you will not receive full payment for a day’s wage unless you vanquish your enemies,” says the Lord. “I have come that you may be free. I laid my life upon the cross, that you may see. I sacrificed my life that you may live, America. Do not think for yourselves, ‘My ways are right. I do not need the hands of the Lord in my fields. I have toiled for this nation, and my harvest shall come.’ Do you not know that the enemy is reaping your harvest? Open your eyes, I command you to, America. Walk in my ways, and seek justice, and I will take you away from your oppressors. I will give you the land that I promised to your forefathers. Capital Hill, is my hill for the taking. Did I not tell you, if you have the faith of a mustard seed, you can command the mountain to be thrown into the sea? I will move your capital again, America,” says the Lord. “‘But how will you move it,’ you say. ‘It will take years, and it will take an army to labor, and it will be in vain’ you say. ‘For we have built that capital with our own hands.’ But I am the God of Heaven, and I do not regard any high place that I, your God, have not built. And there is a work that I shall build that is greater than the former. You cannot afford what I am getting ready to do in this nation. I am going to partner with my Ekklesia, and I am going to overthrow those places that the enemy has established himself in, and I am going to roll back the torrent of wickedness that has come against my people. And I am going to build with my own hands,” says the Lord, “In this nation, the foundations have been laid by my apostles, and my skilled workmen that I will choose shall not depart from my work this time. They will not set up for themselves secret societies. They will not invest my treasures,” says the Lord. “They will not rob my people any longer, but hear me today. I have set before you the words of my prophets that have gone forth from my mouth, that you shall up heave, you will overthrow those structures that I have commanded to crumble by the word of my Spirit,” says the Lord. “I will do a new work in this nation, and you will say, ‘Blessed are my labors. I have worked by the sweat of my brow, and the Lord has brought rain to my fields. I do not labor in vain. I do not toil without cause.’ Your children shall say, ‘I am one of the house of the Lord. I am a friend of God. My children’s children shall have an inheritance,’” says the Lord. “Now watch, those who plot against my house to come in through the windows and rob my people, the spotlight of my spirit is upon them, the guard of the Lord has your assailant by their ankle. And I the Lord shall pull him down with such a great force that he shall not recover. And this is my promise to the children of this nation. I will set up a heavenly hedge fund, and I will deposit into it, the finances that the wicked ones have stored up in order to carry out their wicked deeds. I shall do this,” says the Lord. “This shall come to pass in this nation, for my justice will come, and he will oversee my judgements. For I am raising up the spirit of justice before your very eyes, and my words have been sent out on an assignment to carry out the arresting orders of the Lord. And I declare to you this day, that no one will bail out your enemy, for I have caught him red-handed,” says the Spirit of the Living God.

Let us pray for our enemies and ask King Jesus to be merciful to those who would do harm to any of His children. In this, we shall see the justice of the Lord and He shall vanquish our enemies for us.

God Bless The United States of America